Graco ES-1000 Electric Line Striper

ES-1000 Juan DeLatorre Introducing the new Graco ES-1000 Battery operated electric line striper, perfect for inside where gas engines are not allowed, works great for outside as well.

With two twelve volt deep cycle batteries, you can expect to stripe up to 60 gallons—that’s a full days work.

Check out the literature and video shot in our parking lot.


XP-70 <- (Click here to see literature)
State-of-the-art plural componant proportioner

This unit is going to be used for spraying inside sewers.

Graco XP70 3:1 ratio, heated, with 3:1 ratio drum transfer pumps and drum agitators.

Works incredibly well, easy to use, simple to flush.

Check it out. Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it.

New Binks Century FRP Systems for Gel Coat & Resin Laminating

This is it! The latest and greatest FRP systems I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

The transfer efficiency is beyond compare. I am told by my customers that, just in booth maintenance, they believe it has paid for itself in no time—imagine the material savings.

Easy to use and low maintenance.

Please check out the brochures, then give us a call. You won’t regret it.

Energy Efficient 50 H.P. Compressor That Pays for Itself

This Atlas Copco compressor was just installed at one of our customer’s. Gorilla Industrial Coatings—because it’s “energy efficient,” it qualified for a $4500.00 rebate from the electric company and it’s saving about $500.00 a month in utilities over the old compressor. Considering the cost of the compressor, it will have paid for itself in just a little over 4 years.

EcoQuip Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment

Like my father always said, "that cuts the dust." with the E.P.A. cracking down on dust pollution created from dry media blasting, this is the latest in ecologically friendly blast equipment.

The benefits are many: no need for a containment area or booth, no expensive safety equipment, hoods, air supplied respirators, or heavy protective clothing.

The EcoQuip uses significantly less media than traditional blast methods and 92% less airborne dust than dry blasting.

Available in  Mobile/Skid Units or complete Trailer Units.

Please see the attached literature and view a couple of the videos. If you have a need for any type of blasting, this should be it.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a demonstration.

We would be more than happy to show you just how fantastic this really is!

State-of-the-art pressurized dry filter booth

This is a project was just completed for BAE Systems Phoenix. This custom built, down draft, dry filter booth with heated air makeup and cure cycle is truly state-of-the-art, with the latest control technology for operating and monitoring the booths performance, auto balancing, and curing.

What can I say? If you look at BAE's website and see what they do, you would understand why they went with the best: Global Finishing and J. Russell Smith Industrial Sales.

For more information, please contact us.


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