Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Coating Spray System w/ nLighten LED Kit


The Encore LT manual powder coating system is designed for rugged, everyday use. Our robust, easy-to-use gun and controller offer proven performance, exceptional versatility and high transfer efficiency in everyday coating applications.

  • Uses patented Select Charge® technology for switching through a set of pre-programmed coating modes
  • AFC (automatic feedback current) control automatically controls optimum electrostatic charging voltage based upon gun-to-part distance
  • Closed-loop air pressure control that ensures repeatable painting performance regardless of fluctuations in plant air pressure
  • All-digital, easy-to-use control unit
  • 100,000 volt delivery for maximum first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Fewer parts and a simple design for easy maintenance
  • Ideal for coating deep cavities, re-coating and spraying metallic powders

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Included with all Encore Systems: The New nLighten™ LED Kit

See the benefits of nLighten™

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Reduce or eliminate rejects or rework

  • Effectively highlight and fix light powder areas on surfaces, deep recesses and cavities – on the fly

Reduce material waste

  • Optimum light levels enable precisely targeted powder application, to reduce waste and save on material costs.

Increase efficiency

  • This all-in-one application and inspection tool gives every operator the power to both spray and inspect at the same time.

Improve safety

  • Rated for use in all powder coating environments

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